ⓘ Clothing in Ancient Rome is most commonly known by the toga and stola. The cloth was made from wool, linen or hemp. Cotton and silk were also used, more rarely. ..

Clothing in Ancient Rome

ⓘ Clothing in Ancient Rome

Clothing in Ancient Rome is most commonly known by the toga and stola. The cloth was made from wool, linen or hemp. Cotton and silk were also used, more rarely. Leather was also used. The kind of clothing showed status.


1. Types

  • The toga was an important item and was worn by only Roman citizens, and after the second century BC, only by men. After that, the only females to wear togas were prostitutes. The colors of togas had meaning. A toga could be edged with purple high rank, or be all dark for mourning. Only emperors could wear entirely purple togas. In other words, clothing reflected status as well as practical needs. A red lined Toga often showed shame and disgrace, often worn when banished or before an execution.
  • The palla was a mantle or headcloth worn by women with the stola. It draped over the shoulders and round the body.
  • The Stola was a floor-length dress with long sleeves. It was worn over a tunic. The Stola was a symbol of marriage in ancient Rome times. Girls wore a simple tunic, except when going to an evening event, when ankle-length tunics were worn.
  • Slaves wore simple woolen tunics. Tunics of cotton could by worn by any class as under-garments.
  • The paludamentum was a cloak or cape fastened at one shoulder, worn by military commanders. The paludamentum was generally crimson, scarlet, or purple in colour.
  • Ancient Roman culture grew through the almost 1200 years of Rome s civilization. The Romans conquered many peoples and brought back from their wars many
  • often included in the theatre form called burlesque. With music and dance, the stripper gradually removes her clothing It is a very ancient dance form
  • new birth of ideas and learning among the people of Rome that was equal to the learning of Ancient Athens. To make this message clear, Raphael used the
  • it right in one go. As the painting dries, the artist works over the whole giornata again, putting in details of the faces and the clothing and painting
  • the time of Ancient Rome Tempera continued to be used for Christian religious paintings. It was the medium for Greek icons and was used in Italy and many
  • article of ancient Roman clothing see Palla garment Palla, Italian language for ball, is the name of various traditional ball games of Italy. In Italian
  • Fashion was relatively constant in Ancient Egypt, and did not change much. In general, Egyptians did not wear much clothing Men were often topless and bare - footed
  • Done in Ancient Greece around 440 - 430 BC Relief of a slave at left in Ancient Rome The Roman Empire often made POWs into slaves Painting of Mongol riders
  • famous painter in Rome was Pietro Cavallini. The famous sculptor and architect from Florence, Arnolfo di Cambio, was also working in Rome Giotto would
  • their clerical clothing and called heretics and schismatics. The three men were put on crosses, and burned alive. Savonarola died in the same place where

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