ⓘ Flag of Pakistan. The national flag of Pakistan was designed by Syed Amir uddin Kedwaii and was based on the original flag of the Muslim League. It was adopted ..

Flag of Pakistan

ⓘ Flag of Pakistan

The national flag of Pakistan was designed by Syed Amir uddin Kedwaii and was based on the original flag of the Muslim League. It was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947, just days before independence. The flag is referred to in the national anthem as Parcham-e-Sitāra-o-Hilāl in Urdu. The flag comprises a dark green field, representing the Muslim majority of Pakistan, with a vertical white stripe in the hoist, that represents the Christians and other multi-faith communities of the country. In the centre is a white crescent moon, representing progress, and a white five-pointed star, representing light and knowledge.

  • traits. Pakistan has several Official National Symbols Pakistanis have several official National symbols including a historical document, a flag an emblem
  • The Flag of Hyderabad state is the flag of the State of Hyderabad State with Association of Pakistan The Hyderabad state flag shows Green and Red fly
  • is the national anthem of Pakistan At independence, on August 14, 1947, Pakistan did not have a national anthem. When the flag was hoisted at the independence
  • flags Flag of Maldives Flag of Nepal Flag of Pakistan See also: List of Pakistani flags Flag of Sri Lanka See also: List of Sri Lankan flags Flag of Armenia
  • in Pakistan The capital of Punjab is Lahore. Punjab has a population of 80 million people and an area of 79, 284 mi² or 205, 344 km² in terms of area
  • is seen on a number of different country flags such as Turkey and Pakistan respectively. Flag of Ottoman Empire was the first flag featuring a crescent
  • is a province in Pakistan The capital of Balochistan is Quetta. Balochistan has a population of about 10 million people and an area of 134, 051 mi2 or 347
  • Taftan. Evening flag lowering ceremony at the Wagah border as seen from Pakistani side of the border Maritime borders of Pakistan are the maritime
  • The province of West Pakistan was created on 14 October 1955 by the merger of the provinces, states and tribal areas of the western wing. The province
  • United States Parcham - e - Sitāra - o - Hilāl, Pakistan Rainbow flag Sahovnica Saint George s Cross, England Saint Piran s Flag Cornwall, England Saltire, Scotland
  • The flag of former Junagadh State is based on the Civil State Ensign of the Flag of Pakistan in the canton. According to traditional official description

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Burn a flag: Pakistan Protest Supplies Store. Flag Pakistan. Description Rectangular cloth flag from a merchant ship. A white crescent moon and star sit in a green field. A strip of white runs up the left hand. Indian red faces over tallest flag at Pakistan border BBC News. NATIONAL FLAG OF PAKISTAN. 5 X 3. 2 METAL GROMMETS FOR FLYING. SUPERB QUALITY FLAG. PART OF OUR OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL FLAGS.