ⓘ Cuisine refers to any style of cooking, including its practices, traditions and recipes. A cuisine is usually associated with a specific culture. It is mainly i ..


Black bean

Black bean may refer to a number of edible seeds: Black turtle bean, a variety of common bean Phaseolus vulgaris in Latin American cuisine Black gram vigna mungo, a variety of gram lentil in South Asian cuisine Black soybean, in East Asian cuisine Black adzuki bean, a variety of adzuki bean in Korean cuisine Black bean sauce, fermented black soybeans in Chinese cuisine Black bean may also refer to: Castanospermum australe Moreton Bay Chestnut, a tree with poisonous seeds Black Bean Games, an Italian video game publisher



Hakka may refer to: Hakka cuisine Hakka language, a branch of the Chinese language Hakka genus, a genus of jumping spiders Hakka people Hakka architecture


ⓘ Cuisine

Cuisine refers to any style of cooking, including its practices, traditions and recipes. A cuisine is usually associated with a specific culture. It is mainly influenced by the ingredients that are available to that culture. Cooking methods, customs and ingredients together form meals that are unique to a particular region. When people talk about Italian cuisine, they are referring to the food that Italians are famous for. Cuisine is a French word that means "kitchen", but it originally comes from the Latin word coquere, which means "to cook".

Traditionally, cuisines are shaped by a number of things. In some religious traditions, certain foods are forbidden by law an example is in Judaism. Climate and trade affect the what ingredients are available. Climate may also affect the methods by which food is prepared. Before the exploration of Asia and America by Europeans, certain foods were not known to European cuisine. Tomatoes, maize, avocados and cacao, for example, did not enter European diets until merchants brought these ingredients back from the New World. In modern times, cuisines are becoming more and more multicultural. New cuisines continue to develop even today.

  • include a great variety of cuisines prices, and flavors. Large cities tend to host everything from high - end international cuisine to bodegones inexpensive
  • another dish. Sauces are an essential element in cuisines all over the world. The main sauces of French cuisine are built on a basis of roux, which is just
  • its ingredients and dishes are different, too. The Korean royal court cuisine used to serve all the best dishes from each province for the royal family
  • the Italian Alps. Capatti, Alberto and Montanari, Massimo. 2003. Italian cuisine a cultural history. New York: Columbia University Press. ISBN 0 - 231 - 12232 - 2
  • vulgaris in Latin American cuisine Black soybean, in East Asian cuisine Black bean sauce, fermented black soybeans in Chinese cuisine Black adzuki bean, a variety
  • It is commonly used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine It appears in some Western cuisine dishes, especially as an ingredient in Worcestershire
  • cuisine Jewish cuisine and Scandinavian cuisine as well as several Eastern and Central European cuisines English, Scottish and Canadian cuisine have
  • Japanese might mean: Anything related to Japan Japanese language Japanese people Japanese cuisine
  • is very popular in North Africa and Middle East cuisines In the Iranian cuisine and the Arab cuisine it is also used to sweet Tahini. Media related
  • French can mean: Something that is from or related to France The French language French people French cuisine French kiss
  • A tortilla is a flat bread used in Mexican cuisine They are used in burritos, enchiladas, and mainly as a wrap called taco. They are normally made of
Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage is among the cultivar groups of Chinese leaf vegetables. It is usually used in Chinese cuisine. They are the Pekinensis Group and the Chinensis Group. It is a variant cultivars or subspecies of the turnip.

Napa cabbage

Napa cabbage

Napa or napa cabbage is a type of Chinese cabbage. It came from near Beijing, China. It is used in East Asian cuisine. It can be found in Europe, the Americas and Australia. In almost every country, it is called "Chinese cabbage".

Black Southerners

Black Southerners

Black Southerners are African Americans who live in the Southern United States. African Americans were enslaved in most states in the South such as Alabama and Mississippi. African Americans have contributed to the cuisine of the Southern United States and Southern culture.

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