ⓘ Lists of astronomical objects. This is a partial list of the various lists of astronomical objects which either exist, or should exist, in Wikipedia. List of ex ..

Lists of astronomical objects

ⓘ Lists of astronomical objects

This is a partial list of the various lists of astronomical objects which either exist, or should exist, in Wikipedia.

  • List of exoplanets
  • List of planetary moons
  • List of planets
  • List of nearest stars
  • List of stars
  • List of brightest stars
  • List of asteroids
  • List of trans-Neptunian objects
  • List of comets
  • Minor planets
  • List of semiregular variable stars
  • List of gamma-ray bursters
  • List of quasars
  • List of black holes
  • List of traditional star names
  • List of blazars
  • List of globular clusters
  • List of galaxies
  • List of nearest galaxies
  • List of stars with confirmed extrasolar planets
  • List of pulsars
  • List of variable stars
  • List of satellites of the Milky Way
  • signal Natural satellite - A natural object in orbit, generally a moon Quasi - satellite - an astronomical object which crosses a planet s orbit during
  • cyclones were named after places, objects or saints feast days on which they occurred. The credit for the first usage of personal names for weather systems
  • of the original body s mass. However, if Sinope belongs to the group, the amount is much smaller, 87 The differences of colour between the objects grey
  • relationship between objects found together HMS Association, a Royal Navy ship which sank in 1707 Association object - oriented programming in object - oriented programming
  • is the shape of an astronomical object like nebulae, galaxies, or other extended objects Morphology folkloristics the structure of narratives such
  • used in astronomy Redshift survey, an astronomical survey of a section of the sky to calculate the distance of objects from Earth Survey article, a scholarly
  • planet, Pluto is now considered a Dwarf Planet by the International Astronomical Union IAU when they developed a definition for planet on August 24
  • The nebula was the first astronomical object identified with a historical supernova explosion. The nebula acts as a source of radiation for studying celestial
  • This list of most luminous stars is of Milky Way and Magellanic Cloud objects A few stars in other local group galaxies can be seen in enough detail
  • them. On August 24, 1994, the International Astronomical Union IAU standardized the way they name this type of comet. This system tells us which comet is
  • accretion disk or disc is an astronomical term. It describes a disc of material being drawn in by gravity to a centre of mass, such as a star or black

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