ⓘ Word of mouth is the passing of information from a person to one or more people in conversation. In the past, it referred only to speech, but now, it can someti ..


ⓘ Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the passing of information from a person to one or more people in conversation. In the past, it referred only to speech, but now, it can sometimes include online communication. It can be as simple as telling someone what time it is, or it can involve longer stories and news. It is a good way to share information about things that are of interest to a local community, such as businesses, other people, and things that happened in the past.


1. Oral tradition

Oral tradition also called "oral culture" or "oral lore" is when cultural material is transmitted orally from older people to younger people. This material may include folktales, sayings, songs, or chants. It is a way for things like history, literature, and law to be passed down from generation to generation without a writing system.


2. Oral history

Oral history is history that is given by people who lived through historical eras or events. Often, they are interviewed, and it is recorded. Usually, they talk about things that are not part of written history, such as what everyday life was like.


3. Marketing

Consumers often talk to their friends about their experiences with a product or a service. This is important for businesses because people are more likely to trust someone they know well.

"Word-of-mouth marketing" happens when a business tries to encourage people to talk about their product. For example, they can offer rewards or suggest that they make posts on social media.

A lot of people think that a lot of word of mouth now happens on the internet. However, studies show that most word of mouth actually happens in spoken conversation.

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