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List of Solar System objects

This is a list of Solar System objects by orbit, by distance from the sun. Most named objects in this list have a diameter of 500 km or more. The Sun, a spectral class G2V star The inner Solar System and the terrestrial planets Mercury Mercury-crosser asteroids Venus quasi-satellite Venus Venus-crosser asteroids Possible Kordylewski Cloud Moon Luna Earth Near-Earth asteroids Earth-crosser asteroids Earths quasi-satellites Phobos Mars trojans Mars-crosser asteroids Mars Deimos Vesta Pallas There are hundreds of thousands of asteroids. For longer lists, see list of noteworthy asteroids, list ...


Object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming is a way of writing computer programs using "objects" to stand for data and methods. Computer programs that are not object-oriented are a list of instructions for the computer, telling it to do certain things in a certain way, which is called procedural programming. However, in object-oriented programming, computer programs use objects that talk to one another to change the data in those objects and to work in a way that the user wants. Because of the way object-oriented programming is designed, it helps the developer by allowing for code to be easily reused by ...


Digital Object Identifier

A Digital Object Identifier is a permanent way to identify an online document. This identification is not related to its current location. A typical use of a DOI is to give a scientific paper or article a unique number that can be used by anyone find the location of the paper. It may also make it possible to find an electronic copy, for example, on the Internet. The DOI system has a DOI resolution system which is used to locate where the document is. When the document is moved, the DOI resolution system is updated with the new location of the document. For example, doi:10.1016/j.iheduc.200 ...



Object could mean: Physical entity, something that is tangible and within the grasp of the senses Object philosophy, a thing, being or concept Object grammar, a sentence element, such as a direct object or an indirect object Object, an entity treated by mathematical category theory Object National Register of Historic Places, a classification used by the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. As a verb, pronounced: ob-JECT: to make an objection, to say that one disagrees with something. Object physics, a collection of masses 3D model, a representation of a physical object Object task, ...


Trans-Neptunian object

Trans-Neptunian object or TNO is a name astronomers give to any minor planet in the Solar System which orbits the Sun beyond the planet Neptune. There are over a thousand of them. Many are in the Kuiper belt.


Object (grammar)

An object in grammar is the target of an action, and occurs in any sentence with a transitive verb. It is an element in the clause which follows the verb, as in: The cat ate breakfast. She hit him and then said go away from here These are direct objects. The following are indirect objects: The dog brought Jane his lead. I sent my son a letter. The structure of these sentences is S/V/O/O where S = subject, V = verb and O = object. The first object is an indirect object, the second is a direct object. Notice that, in the last example, you sent a letter, not your son. The sentence makes perfe ...


Hoags object

Hoags object is a ring galaxy. The galaxy is named after Arthur Allen Hoag who discovered it in 1950. He identified it as either a planetary nebula or an unusual galaxy. The object has about eight billion stars, and is ~600 million light-years away in the constellation Serpens.


Object (computer science)

In Object-oriented programming, an object is an instance of a Class. Objects are an abstraction. They hold both data, and ways to manipulate the data. The data is usually not visible outside the object. It can only be changed by using a well-specified mechanism. Suppose there is a bank account; this bank account has a current balance, but it also has a history of things that were done. These fields are however not directly accessible. There are methods like deposit and withdraw and checkBalance. Most applications and other objects only change this object through this interface. Banks usual ...


Impossible object

An impossible object is a kind of optical illusion. Impossible objects are also known as undecidable figures. In this kind of illusion, a person looks at a two-dimensional picture. The vision center of the brain does much of its work subconsciously and automatically. It interprets the figure as a three-dimensional object. The viewer usually knows such an object is impossible soon after looking at the figure. However, the impression of a 3D figure may still remain even when the viewer knows it is impossible in reality. Some of these figures are more subtle. In these cases it is not obvious ...



In physics, a force is an interaction between objects. It is called an interaction because if one object acts on another, its action is matched by a reaction from the other object. This idea is known as Newtons third law, where action and reaction are "equal and opposite". The objects are just the things the force acts between. Different forces act between different sorts of object. For example, gravity acts between objects with mass, like the sun and the earth. Another example is electromagnetic force, which acts between objects with charge, like an electron and the nucleus of an atom. Gr ...



In light, black is lack of all color. In painting, however, the black pigment is the combination of all colors. In heraldry, black is called "sable". It is the opposite of white.



This article is about physical object; for meaning from audio field, see loudness. The volume of an object is a measure of the amount of space occupied by that object, and is not to be confused with mass. The volume of a mountain is much larger than the volume of a rock, for instance. By convention, the word volume implies a three-dimensional context where: The height or depth stands for the size of that object in the direction perpendicular to both the length and the width. The length is the longest distance between the objects extremities. The width or breadth refers to the size of the o ...


Bush (mechanical)

A bush is a mechanical fixing between two, possibly moving, parts, or a strengthened fixing point where one mechanical assembly is attached to another. In a car or other vehicles suspension, bushes are used to connect the various moving arms and pivot points to the chassis and other parts of the suspension. In machines, bushes provide mechanical strength to the rotor.



A pendulum is a mass on an arm. The arm is attached to a pivot, which is a point to swing from. The mass will naturally hang down because of gravity, but if it is pushed to one side it will oscillate, which means that it will swing from side to side. The frequency of the swinging pendulum stays the same. We can work out the time taken for one full oscillation for example, swinging from left to right and back to left. We shall call this time T {\displaystyle T} the period. If the pendulum length is L {\displaystyle L}, and the acceleration due to gravity is g {\displaystyle g}, then: T ≈ 2 ...


Physical body

In physics, a physical body is a collection of masses, when you look at them as one object only. For example, a cricket ball can be understood as an object but the ball also consists of many particles pieces of matter. A humans and animals physical body is made up of organs and tissues and is a part of the total living being which in the human being may also include a psychological or spiritual component.



A rivet is a type of bolt which fastens plates of metal together. Riveting was a main method of building metal ships, bridges and many other complex metal objects. It was developed in the early industrial revolution from earlier ideas. It is no longer the main method of metal fastening, but examples can be seen all over the world. The key idea is that the slug of metal is red-hot when hammered into place. This results in the slug of metal having a dumbell shape which holds the two metal sheets together. An automatic jackhammer is used to force the metal into position, so giving a bulb on t ...


ⓘ Objects

  • In Object - oriented programming, an object is an instance of a Class. Objects are an abstraction. They hold both data, and ways to manipulate the data
  • An impossible object is a kind of optical illusion. Impossible objects are also known as undecidable figures. In this kind of illusion, a person looks
  • between objects It is called an interaction because if one object acts on another, its action is matched by a reaction from the other object This idea
  • Sun. The objects within the Kuiper Belt together with the members of the scattered disk beyond, are together called trans - Neptunian. Many objects such as
  • This is a partial list of the various lists of astronomical objects which either exist, or should exist, in Wikipedia. List of stars List of nearest stars
  • can t see any color coming from that object The brain then sees these objects as black. A way to create black objects is to mix pigments. A pigment works
  • depth stands for the size of that object in the direction perpendicular to both the length and the width. For objects at or near the Earth s surface, height
  • Astronomical Union to describe solar system objects which are not planets or dwarf planets: All other objects orbiting the Sun shall be referred to collectively
  • mainly on the mass of the star when it formed. These objects are small for their mass. Astronomic objects with an unknown nature are often called compact star
  • concept of mass. For small objects on Earth, the weight force is directed towards the center of the planet. For larger objects such as the Moon orbiting

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